About BR by Design

Material solutions for design and industrial clients.

BR by Design - Fabric, paper backing and laminating solutions

BR by Design is the flagship division of B&R Converters and Australian Foam Laminators.

BR by Design is proud of our reputation, recognised by interior design professionals, upholsterers, wallcovering and fabric manufacturers, for being a trusted provider of fabric, paper backing and laminating solutions.

It is our wide selection of processes and high-end water-based technologies which enhance, strengthen, protect and expand the end-use applications of textile and wallcovering materials for our clients.

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We offer

Developed production capabilities that allow for processing as little as one meter up to hundreds of thousands of meters.

Over 14 different processes for fabrics and wallpaper that enhance, strengthen, and protect your material.

Flame Shield • Germ Shield • Stain Shield • UV Shield • Knit Backing • Foam & Cerex •  Foam & Denier •  Two Way Stretch •  Paper Backing for Fabric • Pin Dot Adhesion • Glue Bonding • Foam Bonding • Sublimation Printing • Waterproof Vinyl Backing • Flame Lamination


Why use us?

BR by Design and the B&R/AFL Group offer a complete solutions portfolio for design and industrial clients.

Our offerings comprise scores of different products across every major category of textile finishing and material processing.

We continually invest in research and development of new ideas and technologies. We use eco friendly materials wherever possible. We employ highly skilled and competent staff and take their safety seriously. We are fully insured.


What we offer

BR by Design offers the most up to date backing, bonding and laminating solutions for all types of material applications.
Quality Control
Compliance and solutions that protect your product’s integrity.
Customer Service
Office communication and procedures that respect our clients.

Quick Turnaround

Work practices that focus on efficiency, accuracy and timeliness.

Competitive Pricing

Charges and fees that accord with standard industry practice.

Environmentally responsible manufacturing is how we do business

More and more consumers demand that the companies they do business with are socially and environmentally responsible.

As a supplier of Joyce’s GECA certified products you will be an industry leader in sustainability. This will give you a competitive edge over product suppliers who have failed to seek these higher standards.

Environmentally certified

We use GECA certified foam.

GECA certification gives consumers confidence that products with the GECA stamp of approval comply with the rigorous standards under ISO 14024 principles for global best practice in eco-labelling.

Good Environment Choice Australia (GECA) is an independent, non-profit organisation which exists to help consumers make better environmental choices.

Scrap Utilisation

All our scrap is re-used.

As part of our sustainability plan we re-use all our scrap foam and fabric. Our foam off-cuts will be either crumbed for other products or put through the reconstitution process to be developed into carpet underlay.