Accomodation - Flame Shield fire resist treatment.

Fabric Treatments

Fabric treatments usually get applied once the fabric has been woven, giving added properties not achieved by the textile alone.

  Flame Shield™
  Germ Shield™
  Stain Shield™
  UV Shield™

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Upholstery Backings

Upholstery fabrics that can benefit from knit backing include cottons, silks, polyesters, chenilles, and many other types of fabrics

  Foam + Cerex
  Foam + Denier
  Two Way Stretch

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Wallpaper Backings for Fabric

Fabric covered walls create a luxurious effect and offer unique options for patterns and textures on vertical surfaces.

  Adds body to fabric
  Acts as insulators and acoustical aids
  Maintain original color, texture and quality
  Apply to virtually any fabric or material

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Fashion and Couture

Textile and Fabric Creative solutions for designers of fashion & couture industry. Now you have more options to develop your latest design projects.

  Pindot Adhesion
  Glue bonding
  Foam bonding
  Sublimation Printing

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Waterproofing Fabric

Make your fabric waterproof with our breathable heavy-duty waterproof impervious laminated backing. Protects against:

  Liquids & Spills
  Food Stains
  Bodily Fluids
  Dew & Condensation

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Foam Bonding

Foam Bonding or lamination is a very effective method for bonding flexible foams to a variety of other substrates, including fabrics, films, and papers. Applications include:

  Sound attenuation
  Sports and Gymnastics
  Automotive Upholstery
  Fashion accessories

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