Accomodation - Flame Shield Fire Resist Treatment

Fabric treatments usually get applied once the fabric has been woven, giving added properties not achieved by the textile alone.

The treatment you select will depend on where the fabric is going to be used, especially in terms of furniture type and the end-use environment.

Also what the fabric is made from is especially important as to the specific treatment options available.

Flame Shield™ is manufactured to be AS1530 or AS/NZ 3837 compliant.

Germ Shield™ protects against germs, bacteria, and Enveloped Viruses, such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Covid.

Stain Shield™ is used to protect against liquid spills, food stains and even those bodily fluids which are best left unmentioned.

UV Shield™ ensures maximum stability of fibres and finishes against light and heat.

Flame Shield™

It is important that Fire Retardant applications do not interfere with the fabric’s natural drape and texture.

A flame retardant, specifically designed for application to the surface of a fabric, provides flame retardancy without adversely affecting the fabric.

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Germ Shield™

When we talk of Germ Shield™ we are referring to an antimicrobial treatment which helps reduce the spread of disease.

The primary function of antimicrobials is to help prevent bacteria viruses, moulds and other microorganisms from attaching to and multiplying on the fabric surface.

Germ Shield™ has been tested and proven to be effective for these microbials including encapsulated viruses such as CORONA.

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Stain Shield™

Where a stain resistant moisture barrier is required, Odour Free, rated for Heavy Commercial applications.

StainShield coating provides a barrier against spills allowing you to quickly tend to them before they become a bigger (and let’s face it, much more expensive) problem. This quick drying, water-based formula that contains no harmful chemicals and will not affect the look and feel of your fabric.

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UV Shield™

UV-Shield reduces the UV breakdown of fabrics, especially those exposed to extreme light conditions.  All fabrics are affected by breakdown from UV rays.

UV-Shield absorbs a high proportion of UV light, thereby reducing the photo-chemical damage to dyes and prints, depending on the nature of the dye.