Stain Shield. Oil, dirt and dust do not adhere.

Stain Shield™ and Water Resistance Treatment protects upholstery, draperies and fine fabrics from soil, stains, and spills

Our Stain Shield™ protection NanoSphere technology makes it easier to keep your upholsteries, draperies, and fine fabrics looking fresh and clean, protecting them from soil, stains, and spills. Our processes do not impact the weight, look, feel, or colour of the fabric.

The nanotechnology-based textile impregnation is characterised by a high level of water resistance, a natural self-cleaning effect, and a durable protective function.

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Stain Shield™ NanoSphere Advantages

  • High level of water resistance: Water runs off simply and reliably
  • Naturally self-cleaning: oil, dirt and dust do not adhere to the NanoSphere surface and can be rinsed off with water
  • Durable protective function with a very high level of both wet and dry abrasion resistance. After 50 washing cycles the function remains (Fabric softeners not recommended).

Stain Shield™ Qualities

  • Free of FFOS and PFOA
  • Safe anorganic functionised particles
  • Even at the highest applied concentrations NanoSphere
  • technology shows no toxicity
  • Shows no bioavailability and no metabolism
  • NanoSphere (applied on fabrics) show no hydrolysis

Stain Shield™ How it works

The nanoparticles in the NanoSphere finish forms a fine structure on the textile surface.

The peak-like structure only allows water drops or dirt particles to lie on the peaks of the nanoparticles, creating a low contact area.

Water or substances such as oil or sauce simply run off the NanoSphere surface, any residue can easily be rinsed off with a little water.

How we work

BR by Design has worked hard to earn its reputation as a trusted provider of fabric bonding and laminating solutions.
Send us your material and order request
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We evaluate the first meter for suitability
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We quality control throughout the process
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Detailed Order Instructions

NOTE: Work loss: you must include with your order one additional meter for each continuous piece of material supplied.
NOTE: Fabric should be forwarded rolled on a tube with the face side of the fabric clearly marked. Incoming fabric that is wrinkled or not rolled on a tube will be subject to wrinkle removal charges.