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Germ Shield™ is an anti-microbial and anti-enveloped virus finish

(includes Novel Coronavirus - COVID-19)

Moulds are present everywhere, indoors and outside. They affect millions of people when they trigger allergies such as asthma, eczema, psoriasis, emphysema, glue ear, conjunctivitis and hay fever.

Microscopic and invisible to the human eye, microbial growth infests mattresses, lounge suites, pillows, carpets, walls, ceilings and many other substrates.

Germ Shield™ Premium Protection provides the real solution.

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Germ Shield™ Features

  • Anti-microbial and anti-enveloped virus (includes Novel Coronavirus – COVID-19).
  • Durable barrier to prevent re-infestation.
  • Colorfast and UV stable.
  • Safe for humans and the environment.
  • Eliminates Golden Staph, MRSA A129.
  • World first combined anti-fungal and anti-bacterial treatment.

Benefits of Germ Shield™

  • Long lasting efficacy.
  • Destroys both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.
  • Inhibits growth and proliferation of harmful virus, moulds, spores, bacteria and fungi.
  • A treated fabric creates a hygienic environment.
  • Prevents odor and discoloration.
  • Increases the lifespan of the treated fabric.
  • Protection for Workers/ Residents in communal spaces.

Germ Shield™ technology provides a strong micro bond with the surface to ensure lasting performance

Germ Shield™ is blended into the products to provide additional protection for individuals and their families against bacteria and moulds while maintaining the comfort and appearance of bedding, furnishings, fixtures, household surfaces and vehicles.
  • Germ Shield™ has been especially formulated for use in the textile industry to protect against bacteria, viruses and moulds.
  • Germ Shield can be applied to all types of textiles and is compatible with silicone cationic finishing agents.
  • Germ Shield can be applied with Fluorocarbon finishes, flame retardant finishes and all resin systems and cationic or non-ionic softeners normally used in textile finishing.
  • Feathers, fabrics and polyurethane foams and fibres, which are treated with Germ Shield will provide long lasting anti-microbial and viral, including Covid 19, protection.
  • Germ Shield is a speciality product developed to protect carpets, polyester fibre, bedding, curtains, furnishings, textiles, soft toys and foam.
  • Will not affect the colour of the textile.
  • Doesn't allow enveloped viruses such as flu virus to live on hard surfaces.
  • Has no effect upon wash fastness.
  • Is safe and hygienic.
  • Controls a broad spectrum of gram positive and gram negative microorganisms.
  • Preserves fabric to a hygienic standard.
  • Prevents discolouration due to microbial attack.
Special Features
  • Germ Shield is ideal for application to mattress and bedding accessories.
  • Germ Shield can be sprayed onto polyester fibre and feathers used in continental quilts and pillows.
  • Germ Shield, when incorporated into polyurethane foam, will protect foam from microbial attack.
  • Germ Shield can be sprayed onto carpets as a topical treatment to prevent odours caused by microbial attack.
  • Germ Shield treated articles will effectively kill microorganisms which cause odours.
  • Germ Shield treated articles will not allow enveloped virus (includes Novel Coronavirus – COVID-19) to live on its treated surface.

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Detailed Order Instructions

NOTE: Work loss: you must include with your order one additional meter for each continuous piece of material supplied.
NOTE: Fabric should be forwarded rolled on a tube with the face side of the fabric clearly marked. Incoming fabric that is wrinkled or not rolled on a tube will be subject to wrinkle removal charges.