Waterproof Fabric Backing

Permanent, maximum protection for fabrics

Waterproof fabric backing guards against spills, liquids and dew

Waterproof fabrics have revolutionised the use of fabrics in design, especially in Healthcare, Aged Care, and Hospitality industries. BR by Design’s heavy-duty, breathable waterproof backing, has allowed designer’s creative freedom to choose.

Our waterproof film offers superior performance over most waterproof fabrics. A waterproof film is applied to the back of the fabric, protecting the substrate from liquids and spills. This eliminates issues such as odours while preserving the look and feel of a breathable textile.

The waterproof film can be applied to most textiles including textured fabrics, giving an unrivalled choice when choosing a waterproof fabric.

In independent pressure testing to AATCC 127-2008, our waterproof Vinyl backing tested over double the industry standard.

AWTA Test Report

The benefits of laminating fabrics

Waterproof backing creates an extremely versatile textile that can be used for most upholstery applications, tablecloths, bags and much more.

The application allows your fabric to become impervious to spills, liquids and dew, perfect for healthcare, hospitality, commercial and senior living environments.

  • Tablecloths
  • Haberdashery, Bags
  • Upholstery
  • Sports and Gymnastics
  • Waterproof Clothing
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Drapery
  • Bedding

Features of waterproof backings for fabrics

  • Permanent, maximum protection for fabrics
  • Retain original quality of your material
  • Guards against spills, Liquids and dew.
  • Remains Breathable
  • Good UV stability
  • Good microbial resistance

How we work

BR by Design has worked hard to earn its reputation as a trusted provider of fabric bonding and laminating solutions.
Send us your material and order request
Accompanied by a Purchase Order
We evaluate the first meter for suitability
To protect form and provide function
We quality control throughout the process
Offering the highest level of protection
We organise delivery to you. On time. No fuss
We’re happy when you’re happy.
Detailed Order Instructions

NOTE: Work loss: you must include with your order one additional meter for each continuous piece of material supplied.
NOTE: Fabric should be forwarded rolled on a tube with the face side of the fabric clearly marked. Incoming fabric that is wrinkled or not rolled on a tube will be subject to wrinkle removal charges.