Commercial bedding - Flame, Stain & Germ Shield protects.

Frequently asked questions

We are always here to help. You may find assistance in our FAQ list below. If you need to contact us directly please Get In Touch.

Environmentally certified

We use GECA certified foam.

GECA certification gives consumers confidence that products with the GECA stamp of approval comply with the rigorous standards under ISO 14024 principles for global best practice in eco-labelling.

Good Environment Choice Australia (GECA) is an independent, non-profit organisation which exists to help consumers make better environmental choices.

Scrap Utilisation

All our scrap is re-used.

As part of our sustainability plan we re-use all our scrap foam and fabric. Our foam off-cuts will be either crumbed for other products or put through the reconstitution process to be developed into carpet underlay.

Order Instructions

How to send in your purchase order and your material

All incoming packages should be clearly marked with the name of the company issuing the purchase order to us.

Fabric should be forwarded rolled on a tube with the face side of the fabric clearly marked. Incoming fabric that is wrinkled or not rolled on a tube will be subject to handling charges.

When calculating your material requirements, remember to include one additional meter for work loss on each continuous piece of material per process.

The work loss has nothing to do with the length of the piece. It occurs at the beginning and end of the processing cycle.

If you have any queries regarding this, please contact us we are happy to discuss your concerns.

For fabric or wallpaper that is sent direct from a third-party supplier: Instruct the third party to mark the materials with your company name and the purchase order number your company issued to us. (Your client’s name and purchase order should not be used).

Mail or email to us at a copy of your purchase order or completed order form as soon as possible. This speeds up putting your material into production.

For fabric or wallpaper that is sent by you: Enclose your purchase order with the material.

Also, mail or email to us at a copy of your purchase order or completed order form as soon as possible. Mark on the copy “COPY – DO NOT DUPLICATE”.  This speeds up putting your material into production.

 All purchase orders must include:
  • Your purchase order with a purchase order number and/or completed Sales Order Form
  • Billing address, telephone number and email address.
  • Ship to address (where we ship the processed material).
  • Material description (i.e., fabric name, number and color. Include a swatch, if possible).
  • Swatch should clearly indicate the face side of the fabric.
  • Material quantity
  • Desired processing service (i.e., Paperback, Waterproofing, FlameShield™, etc.)
 Incoming material inspection:

Before your material is processed, the first meter is carefully evaluated to be certain that it is suitable for the specific process(es) ordered.

Then, if there is a question, we will contact you in writing to review it in detail.

Outgoing shipments from our factory:

All outgoing merchandise will be shipped the quickest and the most reasonable way. Expedited freight alternatives can be made upon request and must include your preferred carrier and account number.

Planning for the delivery of your order:

The processing schedule is based upon receipt of your material, purchase order and signed production approval form (when generated) to the time of shipment.

The processing schedule is subject to change during our vacation periods and during busy seasons and holiday weeks.

Although multiple processing frequently takes less time than the combined time allotted for each process, it is best to use the combined times for estimating the job completion time.

If we anticipate any difficulty in processing your material, we will notify you by mail or email. Please indicate your preferred method of communication.

When you receive your processed order, inspect the materials promptly, so that if necessary, we can efficiently resolve any freight or handling claims.

For specialised services contact our customer service department at: 02 9820 2155