Turning your favourite fabric or textile into wallpaper

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Ever seen a stunning fabric or textile like rattan and thought that would make a divine wallcovering.  This concept has been around for many years and was reestablished several years ago on the UK TV show Escape to the Chateau.  Angel Strawbridge a well-known Interior designer and her husband Dick Strawbridge took on the mammoth task of renovating a rundown French chateau that had been sitting vacant for 40 years.

The stair well in bad disrepair with crumbling plaster was going to cost more than Dick and Angel could afford to repair.  Angel and her Interior design genius came up with the idea of gluing foam to the walls to help stop the decay of the plaster and then applying a fabric.  The fabric was a custom creation made when Angel had found old scraps of wallpaper in the chateau when they moved in, rolled up and stored away. She used it to decorate one of the rooms but there was not enough to do the hallway, so she took pictures of the room and had it custom printed on some fabric.

Angel glued large pieces of foam to the walls on the staircase walls, then layered over the top the large piece of fabric.  At B&R Converters our sister company we could have made this process easier by foam bonding the foam to the fabric, creating half the work.

The alternative to this is adding a paper backing, turning the fabric/textile into a wallpaper just as some of our designers have done.

Features & Benefits:

  • Create elegant fabric wallcoverings from virtually any fabric or material.
  • Cost effective way to cover old damaged walls
  • Coordinate upholstery, window treatments, pillows, and many other accessories to your fabric wallcoverings.
  • Adds substance and body to fabric making installation easier and quicker
  • No adhesive bleed through during installation allowing for professional quality seams
  • Foam adds extra thickness aids in concealing blemishes in wall surfaces
  • Paper backed fabrics serve as insulators and acoustical aids
  • Maintain original colour, texture and quality of your material